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Welcome to the New Slave4master

Say hello to our brand new website! Slave4master has become a place where you can quickly and comfortably find satisfaction to all your sexual desires.

Welcome to the New Slave4master

We have launched a completely new online shop with a new, clearer structure of categories, navigation, quick search and improved product filtering. In addition to express shipping, we now offer convenient delivery by local carriers to most European countries.

Customer Accounts

If you ever shopped on our older website, you had to have a customer account. Based on the feedback from you, the registration is now optional, and you can place an order without creating an account. For this reason, we decided to cancel all existing customer accounts to give you a choice of creating a new one.

Having a Slave4master customer account brings many benefits. Still, whether you choose to register or not, if you don’t subscribe to our newsletter, you will never receive any unwanted messages from us.

Product Reviews

We’ve also made changes to product reviews to ensure maximum objectivity and relevance. The reviews can only be written by registered customers who have purchased the product and should include an explanation of the overall rating to help other customers with their choice.

Thank you for being with us! We’re just at the beginning, a lot of great things is on the way, so don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter! :)