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Mystim Proper Finn Dilator

E-stim dilator 210 x 10 mm

Code: 160323

Long and smooth urethral sound for electrosex. Experience really exciting stimulation! Made of medical-grade aluminium, hand-polished. Length 210 mm, diameter 10 mm. Lead wire ended with Mystim round (male) connector. Detailed description

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Mystim Proper Finn Dilator

Mystim Proper Finn Dilator

E-stim dilator 210 x 10 mm

79.90 €
Last piece in stock


Mystim Proper Finn is a long urethral sound for electrosex. With some practice its 10 mm diameter can be easily inserted. Then just let it to create sensations you have never felt before. Smooth, hand-polished surface gives you extra sexy feeling. Warm or cool Proper Finn to make your experience even more special, it is designed to retain heat.

Length 210 mm, diameter 10 mm. Lead wire is ended with Mystim round (male) connector. For electrodes inserted into the urethra it is strongly recommended to use a sterile lubricant.


Code 672023
EAN 4260152461807
Brand Mystim
Colour Silver
Electrosex – connector ElectraStim/Mystim plug
Electrosex – type Electrode (bipolar)
Experience level (1–10) 😈 10
Material Aluminium
Original name Mystim Proper Finn
Recommended lubes Sterile (K-Y, OptiLube)
Size – diameter max. (mm) 10
Size – length total (cm) 21
Tags Electrosex
Vibrating No
Weight (g) 130
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The Mystim brand came out many years ago, raising from a company developing electrical stimulation devices for medical purposes. With this background, its products are characterized by sophisticated medical technology and superior ergonomics to provide natural stimulation and reach all the right spots. At the same time, the Mystim company presents proudly its simple and very elegant design. Every product is checked by hand, aluminium products are even polished by hand. Wide selection of electrostimulation toys of high quality offers you plenty of options from which you can choose with confidence the ones that appeal to you. Whether you use Mystim products to enhance your masturbation experience, add a little spark to your foreplay or “torture” your partner, they offer you the opportunity to do everything just the way you like it most.
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