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Mr. S Leather WMCBP Butt Plug XX-Large

World’s most comfortable silicone butt plug 11.4 x 6 cm

Code:  190557

The WMCBP butt plug is extraordinary – a heavy steel core with premium flexible silicone on the surface. Enjoy the exciting feeling of fullness as long as you want – this plug is ideal for long-term wear. It is soft and, thanks to its design, very comfortable to use. Insertable length 11.4 cm, diameter 6 cm. Detailed description

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Mr. S Leather WMCBP Butt Plug XX-Large
Mr. S Leather

Mr. S Leather WMCBP Butt Plug XX-Large

World’s most comfortable silicone butt plug 11.4 x 6 cm

92.90 €
More than 5 pcs in stock


Enjoy new innovative design of the worldwide popular anal plug, which has been sold since 1997. This plug belongs to the series of 5 plugs with steel core and premium silicone on the surface. These are the most comfortable plugs with ideal weight. You will love the plugs not only for bedroom play, but also for long-term wear.

WMCBP = World’s Most Comfortable Butt Plug

The plug slides easily through your hole thanks to its sophisticated shape. You will be filled with a wonderful feeling of fullness and bliss you won’t be able to get enough – and you don’t have to! Its thin, flexible neck will give room for your anal to relax and it doesn’t irritate any sensitive points, so you can comfortably have the plug inside yourself as long as you want. The rectangular base acts as a nice handle and keeps the plug from going too deep. Also perfect for preparing your hole for anal sex.

With Mr. S Leather WMCBP, you don’t have to confine yourself to playing at home only – make your day at work, shopping or meeting with friends special. The exciting sensations of having the plug inside your hole will increase sexual tension in your body. Show yourself and your partner new heights of your horniness. He will love it!

We recommend washing the WMCBP plugs before and after use with hot soapy water, then allowing to air dry. Store separately from other toys. Safe with water-based lubes. Phthalate-free.

Size chart – Mr. S Leather WMCBP

Model Insertable length without stem (cm) Circumference (cm) Diameter (cm) Weight (g)
Small 6.4 10.2 3.3 156
Medium 7.6 12.1 3.8 240
Large 8.9 14 4.5 277
X-Large 10.2 16 5.1 408
XX-Large 11.4 18 6 472


Code 190557
Brand Mr. S Leather
Colour Black
Experience level (1–10) 😈 6
Material Silicone
Original name Mr. S Leather WMCBP XX-Large
Recommended lubes Water-based
Size – diameter max. (cm) 6
Size – length insertable (cm) 11.4
Vibrating No
Weight (g) 560
EAN 5060315855844
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