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Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Automatic Masturbator

Movable attachment for Quickshot masturbators

Code: 240522

Complement your Quickshot masturbator with this moving machine and experience something unique. This machine can thrust up to 250 times per minute. The speed, stroke length and position of the masturbator are adjustable. There is a phone holder on top so you can easily attach your phone and play your favorite porn. The Quickshot Launch is rechargeable via the included charger. Detailed description

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Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Automatic Masturbator

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Automatic Masturbator

Movable attachment for Quickshot masturbators

225.00 €
Temporarily unavailable


Say goodbye to laborious manual handjobs! This handy gadget does all the work for you. The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is an attachment for the compact Quickshot masturbator from Fleshlight that turns it into an automatic masturbation machine in no time.


It's very easy to use. Insert the Quickshot masturbator into the transparent ring in the middle of the toy and screw in lightly to secure it in place. Hold the Power button briefly until the buttons light up. Once switched on, the masturbator ring slides down, and the Quickshot Launch is now ready in standby mode for your instructions – the strokes are activated with a short press of the Power button. Use the Position button to set which part of the penis you want to stimulate – 3 modes with short thrusts to the base, shaft or tip and 1 mode with long thrusts. The Speed button controls the speed of the strokes – it can do up to 250 times per minute.


The Quickshot Launch is recharged using the charging cable included in the package. The charger comes with several adapters for sockets in different countries (EU included). When charging, the indicator light will flash red, a full charge is indicated by an uninterrupted red light. After a full charge, the Launcher will run for approximately 60 min. (in the instructions, the manufacturer mentions that you should never let the battery fully discharge, as this will degrade the battery). The device can be used even if it is currently being charged from the mains, if 60 minutes of operation is not enough for you (however, we believe that an hour's endurance will be enough for several climaxes).

Connect Your Phone

The manufacturers at Fleshlight have thought of everything, which is why you get 3 mobile phone mounts with this wanking machine (which one you attach depends on your convenience and type of phone). This way, you'll be able to enjoy your porn of choice or indulge in a video call with your loved one while the action is happening, without having to hold your phone in your hand or find a convenient place for it around you.

Please note that the Fleshlight Quickshot masturbator is not included and must be purchased separately (you can find it in our range). For a more pleasurable experience, add a water-based lube to the masturbator.


EAN 810476016296
Brand Fleshlight
Colour Black
Experience level (1–10) 😈 5
Masturbator type Automatic
Original name Fleshlight Quickshot Launch
Power supply Rechargeable (USB), Socket
Recommended lubes Water-based
Vibrating No
Weight (g) 2334
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